Would you like to raise some money for your children’s soccer team? or the next gymnastics competition?

An effective way to fundraise for your association is to sell Doña Kalaka products.

These premium products are in high demand and sell well making them a convenient way to raise money to support an association or team of your choice. Many associations and clubs plan several sales cycles throughout the year.

This creates a larger customer base that buys the products on a regular basis.

Customers start asking for Doña Kalaka products, which inspires and motivates members.

This in turn has a positive effect on both sales and the spirit of the association. If the board is actively involved in organizing the association’s sales activities, fundraising will be more successful. Planning and conducting several sales rounds throughout the year will increase funding.

I pledge that for every product sold, your team or association will get 1€.

How does it work?

1. Reach out by sending an email to contact@donakalaka.co

2. I will generate your team’s ID code and send the catalog and order sheet.

3. Fill out the order on our site.

4. Order fulfillment and fund deposit.

5. Order payment to Dona Kalaka.