Xoco, new chocolate sauce from Doña Kalaka

The first time I thought about creating something with cacao I always thought it would be a molienda, which is a traditional chocolate mill that is common in Oaxaca and other states inside my country. The roasted cocoa beans are ground into a paste and then mixed with spices, and a variety of nuts. It is later left to cool and harden usually molded by hand or into already-made molds.

In Oaxaca, it is very common to have hot chocolate in the morning for breakfast. Usually, it’s dissolved in water and it is amazing.

I wanted to start a molienda here in Helsinki as early as 2008, but the recession and life got in the way of that dream. Today I have the pleasure to launch this exquisite product.

This sauce is the base for many amazing dishes and drinks. It is also rich, thick, dark, and enchanting. It is low in sugar as is the tradition in Mexico. It is also full of benefits and it is my “go-to” remedy for the blues that tends to set in at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.

Dark chocolate has a higher content of cacao and is high in flavanols which have been proven to lower blood pressure, prevent liver damage, and keep your heart in good health (and your mind too) amongst other benefits.

I hope you enjoy all the possible ways of eating this new product.

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